1952      Born London. Educated St Paul’s Girls’ School

1974      BA in History, Cambridge University

1976      Postgraduate Teaching Certificate, Goldsmiths College, London

1987      H.Dip, Furniture Design and Production, London College of Furniture

1999      M.A in Philosophy, Reading University

2003      M.Phil  in Philosophy, Reading University

2004-9   B.A in Ceramics, University of Westminster at Harrow.

Married to Peter Jay.

3 sons: Tommy (b 87), Sammy(b 88) and Jamie(b 92)


2009, 08, 06, 04, Interim shows, London Gallery West

2003 Joint show with Lena Casely Heyford, Oxfordshire Art Week

(1987 Showed my furniture in Harrods, Earls Court, Olympia…resulting in commission from David Hicks and interest from Conran and Sheridan Coakley. But had babies instead…..)


Professional Experience

2007 Work experience with Dylan and Jane Bowen.



2008 Biodegradable clay casket for cremation ashes, Isle of Wight


Artist’s Statement

My part- Danish  parents were in the museum world (V&A, Sir John Soane), so I am steeped in Scandinavian design and the  history of the decorative arts.

I have had a chequered career: assistant to the Sex Pistols, History teacher and Head of Department in Inner London schools, textbook writer/editor, student of Furniture Production, researcher in Philosophy, housewife and mother, and local councillor.

Studying ceramics has unified all this experience – it felt like coming home.

I make semi-useful, semi-figurative, semi-decorative objects to be lived with.

My current theme is ‘the heart’, with its wide connotations- emotion, the body, Folk Art, domestic life….

I like making and decorating colourful earthenware things in ways that are expressive but ambiguous, childlike but thoughtful, energetic but serious.